Tandem Coffee Hours

Tandem Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Caffeine Experience

Tandem Coffee Hours

Welcome to Tandem San Antonio, a fabulous family-friendly coffee shop and craft beer bar located in San Antonio, TX. We pride ourselves on being a community spot that not only serves coffee, beers, and wines but also provides a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for all our visitors. Situated right off the Mission River Reach, our establishment is adored by locals and travelers alike.

When it comes to coffee, we exclusively serve Dark Matter Coffee, ensuring that our patrons get the finest quality brews to start their day or keep them going throughout. In addition to our stellar coffee selection, we take pride in offering an extensive list of craft beers that cater to the varied preferences of our customers.

Delightful Menu and Cozy Ambiance

At Tandem San Antonio, we offer an in-house menu filled with mouthwatering snacks to complement your beverages. We also collaborate with local vendors to provide an assortment of pastries and empanadas, giving our guests a taste of the local culinary delights.

Our coffee shop features both indoor and outdoor seating, delivering the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether it’s a cozy date night or a fun evening out with friends, our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to fulfill your desires.

Immersive Experience and Community Engagement

Here at Tandem San Antonio, we are passionate about creating an immersive experience for our patrons. We love collaborating with local bands, vendors, and small business owners to enrich the offerings at our establishment. This collaborative effort is what makes Tandem San Antonio an exceptional and memorable experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Staying true to our commitment to community engagement, we keep our patrons informed about all our upcoming events on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Tandem Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Caffeine Experience

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Tandem Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Caffeine Experience

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Glowing Testimonial

“Great place, awesome attention, relaxing vibe, very good food, and tea.” – Ana Maria Rodriguez Alfonso

Having satisfied customers like Ana Maria reinforces our dedication to providing top-notch service, delicious culinary offerings, and an all-around welcoming atmosphere.

Operating Hours

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday – Thursday 7 AM 11 PM
Friday – Saturday 8 AM 11 PM
Sunday 8 AM 7 PM

If you have any inquiries or require further information, feel free to contact us at (210) 455-5400. You can also visit our website www.tandemsatx.net for additional details.

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