Pascal’s Coffee Hours : Ultimate Morning Bliss

Pascal’s Coffee Hours

Looking for a cozy coffee shop in Austin, Texas? Look no further! Pascal’s Coffee Hours is the perfect spot for your morning brew or study session. With its inviting atmosphere and delicious handcrafted drinks, Pascal’s Coffee Hours has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

About Pascal’s Coffee Hours

Pascal’s Coffee Hours is an initiative of the Christian Study Center of Gainesville and aims to provide an authentic coffee experience. We believe in the value of customer satisfaction, which is why our baristas carefully craft each drink with care and integrity.


At Pascal’s Coffee Hours, we offer a wide variety of drinks to satisfy every palate. From classic coffees to specialty lattes, there’s something for everyone. Check out our menu below:

Drink Description Price
Espresso A rich and bold shot of coffee $3.50
Cappuccino A smooth and creamy espresso-based drink $4.50
Mocha A delightful blend of espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk $5.00
Matcha Latte A refreshing green tea-based latte $4.50

Location and Hours

Pascal’s Coffee Hours is located in Austin, Texas, at the following address:

123 Coffee Street
Austin, TX 12345
United States

We are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Swing by and grab a cup of coffee to start your day or find a cozy spot to study.

Pascal's Coffee Hours : Ultimate Morning Bliss



  • “Pascal’s Coffee Hours is my go-to spot for a quiet study session. The baristas are friendly, and the coffee is always on point.” – John D.
  • “I love the cozy atmosphere and the variety of drinks at Pascal’s Coffee Hours. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.” – Sarah L.
Pascal's Coffee Hours : Ultimate Morning Bliss


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Pascal’s Coffee Hours is more than just a coffee shop – it’s a place where you can take a moment for yourself, connect with others, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you’re studying, catching up with friends, or simply need a caffeine fix, Pascal’s Coffee Hours is here to serve you.

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