Merit Coffee Hours

Merit Coffee Hours : Discover the Best Brews

Merit Coffee Hours

Merit Coffee, formerly known as Local Coffee, is a fast-growing coffee house that originated in Austin, Texas with locations in Dallas and San Antonio as well. They are known for their high-quality roasted beans and the local atmosphere they provide. Whether you are in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, you can find a Merit Coffee location near you.

Merit Coffee Hours  : Discover the Best Brews


Locations & Hours

Merit Coffee has multiple locations in different cities for your convenience.


  • Phone: (512) 906-0266
  • Hours: 7 AM – 7 PM
  • Address: [Insert Address]


  • Phone: (512) 906-0010
  • Hours: [Insert Hours]
  • Address: [Insert Address]

San Antonio

  • Phone: (737) 212-0429
  • Hours: [Insert Hours]
  • Address: [Insert Address]

If you’re in any of these cities, make sure to visit Merit Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee and a welcoming local ambiance.

Merit Coffee Menu

Merit Coffee offers a variety of coffee options to suit different tastes and preferences. From classic black coffee to specialty espresso-based drinks, you’ll find something that satisfies your craving.

For a detailed menu, you can visit their website or check out delivery options through Grubhub.

Merit Coffee Hours  : Discover the Best Brews


About Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee was founded by Robby Grubbs, who wanted to provide an excellent coffee experience to the community. The focus has always been on delivering high-quality coffee and exceptional hospitality.

The Transition From Local Coffee To Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee started its journey as “Local Coffee.” The aim was to create a neighborhood coffee shop that would offer top-notch roasted beans and a friendly atmosphere. Over time, they rebranded as Merit Coffee, but they have retained the local charm and commitment to quality.

Why Choose Merit Coffee?

When you choose Merit Coffee, you are choosing more than just a place to get your caffeine fix. Merit Coffee is dedicated to serving excellent coffee while also supporting and engaging with the local community.

Their commitment to quality extends beyond the coffee itself. They also focus on providing excellent hospitality to ensure that every customer has a memorable experience.


If you find yourself in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio and are in need of a good cup of coffee, make sure to visit your nearest Merit Coffee location. With their dedication to quality beans, friendly service, and community engagement, they are sure to satisfy your coffee cravings!

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